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 The Elite Dinosaurs of Roland Kane

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John Hammond


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PostSubject: The Elite Dinosaurs of Roland Kane   Fri Feb 01, 2013 1:41 am

Name: Lurtz
Gender: Male
Species: Piatnitzkysaurus Floresi
Diet: Meat, Carnivorous
Appearance: Kane's personal pet and loyal dinosaur companion, he is Kane's stealth hunter and is specially trained to take commands from Kane. He can be sent to scout an area or told to takeout a target with great efficiency. He is dull yellow and green with an array of stripes and large spots.
Experience: Uniquely trained as a combat animal, he is very dangerous.
Size: 15 feet long, 5 feet tall, and weighs 937 pounds.
Speed: Fast and agile.
Bite force: Fairly weak, but the serrated teeth do the damage.
Weapons: Serrated teeth, clawed forearms and clawed toes.
Basic attacks: Lunge, bite, and claw.
Combo attacks: Here is a list of combo attacks below.
1. "Special Ops"- He will wield his fore-claws and slash at enemies at close range.
2. "Selective Assault"- Lurtz will lunge at his foe, biting down and shaking his head from side to side before releasing and then clawing at his opponent.

Name: Fell-Beast
Gender: Male
Species: Sinotyrannus Kazuoensis
Diet: Meat, Carnivorous
Appearance: This is the largest proceratosaurid from China and is extremely rare...only Kane has a living population of these theropod dinosaurs. This theropod has two very unique features that no other theropod has. Firstly; his species has the loudest roar of any theropod, great or small...the roar can be heard clearly for miles. Secondly; his species have very thick skin with special enlarged scales that can protect them from many forms of attack. Kane is the only man that can get close to this monster...anyone else will be in serious trouble. This dinosaur can do what none of Kane's soldiers could ever do; assault enemy base-camps and survive with nothing but a few scratches. His skin is so tough, that standard firearms do little more than tick him off and he bears the scars of a tough life.
Experience: Years of predatory hunting and combat battle between both humans and dinosaurs alike.
Size: 33 feet long, 9 feet tall, and weighs 3,000 pounds.
Speed: Surprisingly fast for a predator of his size.
Bite force: Powerful
Weapons: Jaws, claws, and bulk.
Basic attacks: Bite, charge, slash, and roar.
Combo attacks: Here is a list of combo attacks below.
1. Hyper Roar- A devastating attack that causes major pain to the ears of his opponents and also causes throbbing headaches.
2. Tyrant's Charge- He will rush at an opponent and run right into them. (If struck in the chest, it will knock the breath out of a rival, making it harder to breath for a short period...essentially tiring an opponent faster)
3. "Railroad Fangs"- His most powerful move, he will run up to an opponent and bite just behind the head and force them down. (This move gives the rival the option to be submissive or be left open for another attack) (If attacked like this again, it will be a knockout)

Name: Grond
Gender: Male
Species: Pachyrhinosaurus Perotorum
Diet: Ferns and low-lying shrubs, Herbivorous
Appearance: A new, sub-species of Pachyrhinosaurus, Grond is different from others of his "tribe". He bears many horns on his head, the most notable being the two nasal horns used for self-defense and battles between rival males. Also, his nose boss is more semicircular than others of his "tribe". He is old, but still going strong and leads many females and younger males. He is more wild than Lurtz and Fell-Beast, even Kane won't approach him. In his habitat, he has only two natural enemies: Fell-Beast and the few Giganotosaurs that roam his land.
Experience: Though a herbivore, he is a combat veteran, driving off predators and rival males.
Size: 26 feet long, 5 feet tall at his face, and weighs 8,000 pounds.
Speed: Medium
Bite force: N/A
Weapons: Horns and bulk.
Basic attacks: Charge and ram.
Combo attacks: Here is a list of combo attacks below.
1. 'Chin Up"- He will charge forward, but as he gets to his opponent, he will slow down before lunging upward and his nasal boss striking his opponent's lower jaw. (Is a knockout for tired or injured opponents)

Name: Mama Scar-Face
Gender: Female
Species: Tyrannosaurus Rex
Diet: Meat, Carnivorous
Appearance: Kane's largest and most ferocious theropod dinosaur, she is also the largest theropod in the lost region alongside the Giganotosaurus of the valley. She gets her name from the massive scars and wounds over her right eye caused from a battle with an unknown type of predator in her early years of life. She is blind in her right eye, but she is notoriously voracious and kills nearly anything she sees...Kane is the only human that she can recognize from appearance and from the sound of his voice, but even he knows better than to get too close to her if she doesn't know he is around her.
Experience: An expert killer of dinosaurs and man alike, she is very experienced.
Size: 45 feet long, 16 feet tall, and weighs 16,000 pounds.
Speed: Fairly slow due to her weight, but she is quite agile when attacking.
Bite force: Immensely strong.
Weapons: Jaws and bulk.
Basic attacks: Bite, charge, and stomp.
Combo attacks: Here is a list of combo attacks below.
1. "The Look in her Eye"- Scar-Face will roar directly at her opponent, her size and appearance greatly intimidated her rivals.
2. "Jaws of Death"- She will bite down on her opponent's neck with incredible force. (This is a knockout to weaker or weakened foes)

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John Hammond


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PostSubject: Mama Scar-Face: The Tyrant of the Lost Land   Thu Feb 07, 2013 11:31 pm

New dinosaur added!
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The Elite Dinosaurs of Roland Kane
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