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 Anthony Stark's Dinosaurs

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PostSubject: Anthony Stark's Dinosaurs   Sun Feb 10, 2013 6:57 am

Name: Rascal
Gender: Male
Species: Masiakasaurus knopfleri
Diet: Carnivore
Appearance: Stark's smallest dinosaur, Rascal was given such a name for good reason. A pesky, troublesome & wily little animal, Rascal is a fine & rare specimen. A species known only from Madagascar. His coloration includes a wide variety of shades. Mostly green with black & yellow spots. With red colored eyes, he has some stripes along his skull while the back of his neck & his tail are covered in a coating of primitive feathers.
Experience: 1 year 2 months
Size: 2.5 meters long, 0.6 meters tall, 30 pounds
Speed: Very fast
Bite force: Weak
Weapons: Teeth, claws
Basic attacks: Bite, slash
Combo attacks:
-"Take my bluff": Taunts the opponent by roaring! Forcing them to attack
-"Wily fellow": Examines opponent & their weak points before attacking
-"Scatter": An evasive maneuver to escape attacks & gain new ground & distance
-"A pain in the neck": For larger opponents, will lunge & bite at the enemies neck
-"Gotcha!": For smaller opponents, literally leaps & lunges at opponent to bite & scratch them with a tight grip
Name: Czar
Gender: Male
Species: Condorrraptor currumili
Diet: Carnivore
Appearance: A prized possession of Anthony Stark, Czar is an extremely rare species of Megalosaurid known only from South America. His coloration is much similar to that of a modern day tiger. His body is colored with a red/orange skin with black stripes while his underbelly remains white. His neck & tail are covered with a rather small, but fine coating of fluffy & fur-liek feathers. Many times Stark often show cases Czar to his adoring public & the media solely because of his fabulous appearance.
Experience: 2 year
Size: 5 meters long, 2.1 meters tall. 500 pounds
Speed: Very fast
Bite force: Not so powerful
Weapons: Teeth, claws
Basic attacks: Bite, pounce, slash
Combo attacks:
-"Lockjaw": Bites the opponent with a tight grip of his jaws, keeping him locked on his opponent from which he may shake violently
-"Triple Threat": Makes a lunge with both claws & jaws. He bites the opponent & slashes with claws for maximum damage!
-"My kind of game": Creates an ambush by hiding in the plants/bushes, once enemy is close, he will attack & pounce to surprise the enemy
-"Throat Hunter": Bites down hard on the opponents neck while holding them with clawed hands. He may shake violently & the bite blocks off air to the opponent's body, knocking them out & defeating them slowly
Name: Dante
Gender: Male
Species: Daspletosaurus torosus
Diet: Carnivore
Appearance: One of his prized favorites, Dante is an aggressive male Daspletosaurus that doesnt tolerate other carnivores around him. He reacts very violently around other theropod dinosaurs & even more so in the arena. His hot tempered & aggressive nature makes him a very dangerous adversary upon the battlefield. As coloration goes, Dante has a tint of red on his ehad while the rest of his body is rather speckled with a charcoal black. Tall spines cover most of his back & tail while his underbelly remains a greyish white
Experience: 3 years
Size: 9 meters long, 3 meters tall, 4 tons
Speed:( Fast
Bite force: Powerful
Weapons: Jaws, tail
Basic attacks: Bite, ram, tail smack
Combo attacks:
-"Ancestral Crusher": Delivers a powerful bone crushing bite to opponent for maximum, crippling damage with the power of the tyrannosaurid jaws
-"Sludge Hammer": Rams the opponent with charging skull and/or thrashes skull to knock the enemy over, has the potential of breaking bones & shattering ribs
-"Tremble": Roars ferociously & furiously at opponent with stomping feet & slamming tail, causes great intimidation
-"Predator's eye": Locks on to an opponents weak point & attack for extra damage
-"Seismic Toss": For smaller opponents, will bite down on the enemies back & spin & shake violently before launching opponent in the air
Name: Crimson
Gender: Male
Species: Centrosaurus apertus
Diet: Herbivore
Appearance: A male Centrosaurus, Crimson is named after his own coloration. Tinted & colored with a brilliant red with golden stripes, he is a uniquely colored ceratopsian. But he is a natural born fighter like any ceratopsian. With a large frill & massive nose horn, he is a dangerous opponent in combat
Experience: 3 years
Size: 7 meters long, 2.5 meters tall, 2.5 tons
Speed: Medium
Bite force: (For his kind) Powerful
Weapons: Massive nose horn
Basic attacks: Charge, thrust
Combo attacks:
-"All fired up": Stomps the ground in his own fiery attitude & charges opponent several times
-"Impale": One of Crimson's heavy hitters. The opponent is gored by his large nose horn directly as he either charges or thrusts! Can cause massive injury & may knock out smaller dinosaurs.
-"Advancing Guard": Stands his ground to opponent while his defense goes up. Blocks & repels flank maneuvers & bites while thrashing & shaking his frill violently.
-"Ceratopsian surprise": a rare move he will initiate. When feeling threatened & when close to his enemy, he will charge & actually bite down with his beak! Can crush bone & cause serious injury!
-"Your biggest mistake": Catches opponent off their guard & thrusts with horns at flank, legs, exc. After his counter, he may even follow with a charge.
-"A hot tempered display": creates a threat display to opponent with frill & stomps the ground violently with the threat to charge! Causes intimidation.
-"Thrashing Bronco"- Crimson's strongest attack. Charges at full speed to ram & topple down opponents completely with full power & speed! A landed hit can cause serious injury that surgery must heal & can cause an instant knock out on small dinosaurs, thrashing them into the air.
Name: Thor
Gender: Male
Species: Ankylosaurus magniventris
Diet: Herbivore
Appearance: Named after the Norse God of Thunder, Thor is one of Stark's heavy hitting dinosaurs. Much like most Ankylosaurs. He is a dangerous dinosaur in combat & to any opponent he faces. Covered from head to toe & nose to tail with thick, bony armor & a massive club tail, Thor is as dangerous as his name stake, as each slamming club sounds like the crack of thunder! He is mostly colored with a series of yellows & browns across most of his body, including the top & his sides.
Experience: 3 years
Size: 9 meters long, 2 meters tall, 6 tons
Speed: Very slow
Bite force: None
Weapons: Club tail
Basic attacks: Tail swing, charge
Combo attacks:
-"Rib Smasher": Uses club tail to strike at opponents flanks & sides, breaking ribs & causing maximum damage
-"Crippling charge": charges at full speed at opponent to attack & impale damage with spikes, pushing his opponent to cause damage to legs, belly, exc.
-"Earthly pin cushion": a defensive maneuver- squats on the ground completely to protect underbelly & flanks from attack
-"Counter-Club": For attacking opponents, Thor waits for the opponent to attack and/or come closer & swings his tail to counter attack
-"The Might of Thor": A threat display- bellows out in complete, battle fueled rage, raising his club tail high in the air & smashes the ground to intimidate opponent.
-"Thunderous Club": Thor's most powerful attack: Takes a single, massive swing with club tail to badly cripple opponent & breaks bone instantly. Has a high chance to cause knockout.
Name: Jericho
Gender: Female
Species: Brachiosaurus altithorax
Diet: Herbivore
Appearance: Stark's largest dinosaur, Jericho is an aadult female Brachiosaurus. She is named after one of his experimental rockets he made for the military years ago, codenamed "The Jericho." She is a colossal animal & a veteran combatant on the battlefield, using her own size as her protection. Recently, Jericho has been made famous by Stark as a movie star & has starred in many dinosaur films. Her coloration includes a wide variety of reddish shades all over her body. The under portion of her body is a lighter tone of red while her back is more dark red.
Experience: 3 years 7 months
Size: 13.7 meters tall, 26 meters long, 60 tons
Speed: Very slow
Bite force: None
Weapons: Feet, tail
Basic attacks: Stomp, Charge, tail slam
Combo attacks:
- "Jurassic Devastator": Charges at full speed towards enemy & tramples or rams opponent. Capable of knocking over any opponent smaller then himself
- "Mega ton Slam": Delivers a powerful blow with her tail or neck, striking the head, body, flanks, & any other visible target. Capable of disorientation & can knock opponents over if attacked by their feet
- "Final Smash": Jericho's most powerful attack, rises up on hind legs & come smashing down with full force & weight. INSTANT knock out to any animal smaller then herself, including giant predators.
Name: Gwangi
Gender: Male
Species: Carcharodontosaurus saharicus
Diet: Carnivore
Appearance: Stark's prized possession & most experienced dinosaur, Gwangi is widely known to the public for his shear power & ferociousness & known to the media as "Gwangi, the Forbidden!" Named after his favorite Ray Harryhausen film in 1969, "The Valley of Gwangi", this ferocious brute is a terrifying combatant & a true brawler! His hyper agresssive nature makes him unpredictable & violent in battle & very powerful in combat! Yet Gwangi has been Stark's most popular dinosaur! The reason being that the dinosaur has become a Hollywood star & has been guest starred in many recent dinosaur films, including a remake of the 1969 blockbuster, "The Valley of Gwangi" & another remake called "The Beast of Hollow Mountain." A large & powerful theropod, Gwangi is mostly colored much like his movie star role. He consists of several shades of violet colors along his body with blue stripes & a series of tall spines upon his back & tail
Experience: 4 years
Size: 14 meters long, 4.9 meters tall, 8 tons
Speed: Medium
Bite force: Powerful
Weapons: Jaws, claws, tail
Basic attacks: Bite, slash, tail slam
Combo attacks:
-"The Deadliest Game": Lunges at opponent with powerful a series of bites to the opponents head, neck, flanks, exc. Then retreating & repeating multiple times as the enemy tires from injuries & blood loss
-"Penance Stare": Gives the opponent a menacing death glare with a loud growl and roar to cause great intimidation! Striking them with absolute fear!
-"Predator awareness": Pin points & studies opponents weak points & attacks them directly!
-"Behemoth Take Down": Bites down hard upon the opponent's neck & slams them down on the ground, pinning them instantly. Can take down opponents even as large as Sauropods.
- "Devastating Charge": Charges at full speed & full force to ram opponent with his massive head, can topple over any opponent less then 60 feet in length.
-"Mega Crippler": For Large opponents either still standing or fallen, Gwangi will attack & bite relentlessly at the enemies legs to majorly cripple them
- "Gwangi's Fury ": For opponents smaller then himself, Gwangi bites down with powerful jaws & shakes violently, causing extreme damage before throwing & pinning opponent on the ground
- "A Bite to remember": Unleashes an earth shaking roar of rage & fury to increase his thirst for violence & battle, making him stronger in the process. He will charge forth & attack with no remorse or mercy & may instantly attempt to knock out his opponent, finishing with a near-bone crushing bite. Needs surgery to heal but will leave several scars on the enemy after healing
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Anthony Stark's Dinosaurs
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