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 The Fantastic Four

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Curt Von Doom


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PostSubject: The Fantastic Four   Sun Feb 10, 2013 6:19 pm

Jason's dinosaur

Name: Sharptooth
Gender: male
Species: Tarbosaurus bataar
Diet: carnivore
Appearance: Named after the mean T-rex from The Land Before Time, Sharptooth is just like his movie counterpart, mean & ruthless. He is black on top & dark grey on the bottom. Like the movie, he lost his eye in a dinosaur fight once.
Experience: 2 years
Size: 35 ft long, 11 ft tall, 5 tons
Speed: medium
Bite force: very powerful
Weapons: jaws, tail, head & bulk
Basic attacks: bite, tail swipe, & head butt
Combo attacks: 1. Battering Ram: Charges at opponent at full speed and rams him with his head
2. Tail smash: Hits opponent heavily in the head with his tail, disorienting it for a few seconds
3. Bone breaker: Bites onto opponent's neck with great force and sprains it, this requires serious surgery
4. Wrath of Sharptooth: Taunt - He smashes his tail on the ground and lets out three terrifying roars, that greatly intimidate the opponent!

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Kristoff Madeline


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PostSubject: Re: The Fantastic Four   Sun Feb 10, 2013 9:14 pm

Susan's Dinosaur

Name: Lucy
Gender: Female
Species: Shantungosaurus giganteus
Diet: Herbivore
Appearance: A large female Shantungosaurus, Lucy is one of the largest hadrosaurs in the world. This colossal duck bill can use her shear size & mass to ward off combatants. She is mostly a solid green in color, while other areas consist with different hues of lighter & dark green.
Experience: 2 years
Size: 15 meters long, 5.3 meters tall, 10 tons
Speed: Slow
Bite force: None
Weapons: Tail, head
Basic attacks: Charge, headbutt, tail swing
Combo attacks:
-"Mega Horn": Releases a powerful, honking roar & unleashes a barrage of infrasonic blasts that cause great disorientation.
-"Slamming tail": Uses her tail to slam & strike opponents, has the potential to knock over animals under 40 feet long
-"Nit Pick": An act of defense, will actually snap her bill at enemies! If faced with smaller enemies, she may attempt to bite them & throw them with her mouth
-"Mega-Ton Slam": Rears up high in the air & comes slamming down on opponents under her. Has a high potential for an instant knock out.
Johnny's Dinosaur

Name: Torch
Gender: Male
Species: Deinonychus antirrhopus
Diet: Carnivore
Appearance: A male Deinonychus, Torch is Johnny Storm's prized possession & his all time favorite dinosaur. He is named after his own coloration in his feathers, which resemble that of a fiery color. The feathers consist with many shades of oranges & yellows with a mix of brown. There are even some spots of blue along the edge of his "wings" & his tail feathers.
Experience: 2 years
Size: 3.4 meters long, 1.2 meters tall, 150 pounds
Speed: Very fast
Bite force: Medium
Weapons: Claws, teeth
Basic attacks: Slash, bite
Combo attacks:
- "Fiery assault": Uses his agility to attack in many different directions, using both teeth, hands & sickle claws & leaves opponent exhausted from several wounds
- "A Clever one": Pin points the enemies most vulnerable area & attacks. Performs a hit & run scenario depending on the size of target
-"Kick & Shred": Kicks opponent with his hind leg & follows with a nasty slash of his sickle claw
- "Hell's Kitchen"- Jumps upon the side or the back of opponent, latching on with hands & teeth & slashes opponent with his sickle claws, slicing them with devastating blows.
- "Flame on!": Gives a loud, shrieking roar & becomes more unpredictable & violent, increasing attack rate & speed & also creates a display before attacking to intimidate foes
-"Throat Hunter": grabs & pins opponent to bite opponents neck & shakes violently, cutting off air for the enemy & slowly knocks them out
Ben's Dinosaur

Name: Rocky
Gender: Male
Species: Saichania chulsanensis
Diet: Herbivore
Appearance: Rockslide is a very heavily defended ankylosaurid. Barring some of the most impressive armor for his kind & his family. His back is comprised with large bony plates, sharp enough to ward off nearly any attacker. His front limbs are also remarkably armor plated, providing with much useful protection. Even his belly is slightly covered. All in all, Rocky is a very powerful combatant in the battlefield. With a powerful bony blub tail, he is an absolute brawler.
Experience: 2 years
Size: 6.6 meters long, 1.7 meters tall, 2 tons
Speed: Slow
Bite force: None
Weapons: Tail club
Basic attacks: Tail swing, charge
Combo attacks:
-"Rib Smasher": Uses club tail to strike at opponents flanks & sides, breaking ribs & causing maximum damage
-"Crippling charge": charges at full speed at opponent to attack & impale damage with spikes, pushing his opponent to cause damage to legs, belly, exc.
-"Earthly pin cushion": a defensive maneuver- squats on the ground completely to protect underbelly & flanks from attack
-"Counter-Club": For attacking opponents, Rocky waits for the opponent to attack and/or come closer & swings his tail to counter attack
-"Its Clobberin' Time!": Rocky's most powerful attack & a threat display all in one: Bellows out in complete, battle fueled rage, raising his club tail high in the air & smashes the ground to intimidate opponent. Then, if the enemy doesnt back down or attacks, he takes a single, massive swing with club tail to badly cripple opponent & breaks bone instantly. However, if the opponent is still conscious & lying on the ground, then Rocky will begin to slam his club tail down upon his fallen enemy to finish them off! Has a high chance to cause knockout.
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The Fantastic Four
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