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 Clark Adams' dinosaur

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PostSubject: Clark Adams' dinosaur   Thu Feb 21, 2013 5:12 am

Name: Queen
Gender: female
Species: Tyrannosaurus rex
Diet: carnivore
Appearance: Queen is a large, muscular built Tyrannosaurus rex. With large powerfull jaws & bone crushing bannana sized teeth, she can rip any opponent apart. She can also be gentle when not fighting & whenever she is around her owner, Clark, or Sarah Denvers, his girlfriend.
Experience: 8 months
Size: 45 ft long, 15 ft high, & 7 tons
Speed: medium
Bite force: very powerful
Weapons: Large, bone crushing teeth & jaws
Basic attacks: bite, head butt
Combo attacks: 1. Head ram- rams head into opponent hard
2. Tail Swipe- smacks opponent on the head
3. bone crusheer- bites down on opponents neck, knocking thm out. The opponent suffering this attack requires surgery
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Clark Adams' dinosaur
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