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 Charles Weyland's Dinosaurs

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John Hammond


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PostSubject: Charles Weyland's Dinosaurs   Sat Mar 02, 2013 12:36 am

Names: Praetorian and Six
Gender: Females
Species: Teratophonues Curriei
Diet: Meat, Carnivorous
Appearance: These two sisters are very similar,but there are two ways to tell them apart. Praetorian is larger, but is more timid despite her size. Six is smaller and more aggressive. Both are brown in color with a yellow lining on each of their jaws.
Experience: Both of them are skilled hunters.
Size: Praetorian- 20 feet long, 6 feet tall, and weighs 2,000 pounds.
Six- 17 feet long, 5 feet tall, and weighs 1,460 pounds.
Speed: Praetorian is a bit slower, but both are agile and swift killers.
Bite force: Each of them share strong bite forces.
Weapons: Jaws and teamwork.
Basic attacks: Bite, head parry, and ram.
Combo attacks: Here is a list of combo attacks below.
1. Double Up- These two theropods always fight together, making it dangerous for rivals to battle them.
2. "And then there was Two"- Six will bite down on an opponent's leg and hold while Praetorian runs in and rams the opponent. (Three hits like this will be a knockout; all other times this attack will cause great disorientation)

Names: Celtic, Spartan, and Chopper
Gender: Males
Species: Deinonychus Antirrhopus
Diet: Meat, Carnivorous
Appearance: These three brothers can be told apart by their coloration and one by his size. Spartan is the largest of the three and is reddish-yellow with blue feathers. Celtic is greenish-gold with blue-green feathers. Chopper is yellow with green feathers.
Experience: All of them are experienced hunters and are very intelligent.
Size: Spartan- 12 feet long, 3 and a half feet tall, and weighs 160 pounds.
Celtic and Chopper- 10 feet long, 3 feet tall, and both weigh 147 pounds.
Speed: All three are speedy and agile.
Bite force: Below average for all.
Weapons: Claws, jaws, and teamwork.
Basic attacks: Lunge, slash, bite, and leap.
Combo attacks: Here is a list of combo attacks below.
1. Band Together- These three brothers will fight opponents no bigger than 25 feet together and their attack power together is tripled.
2. "Leaper, Clinger, and Slasher"- A very dangerous move; Celtic will leap onto the face of an opponent and hang on, Chopper will slash at the opponent's legs, and Spartan will lunge and cling onto an opponent's side while biting and kicking with his toe claws. (This move will knockout opponents 17 feet or smaller...larger opponents will have to be weakened significantly)

Name: Grid
Gender: Male
Species: Teratophonues Curriei
Diet: Meat, Carnivorous
Appearance: Grid is the largest Teratophoneus on record and he gets his name from skull's coloration. He is primarily dull green with yellow-green and lime-green adorning his face. His feet and lower legs are light brown.
Experience: He is a more experienced hunter than Six or Praetorian.
Size: 22 feet long, 7 feet tall, and weighs 2,129 pounds.
Speed: Slightly slower than Praetorian and not as quick as Six.
Bite force: Slightly stronger than both Six and Praetorian.
Weapons: Jaws and body.
Basic attacks: Stomp, bite, and slam.
Combo attacks: Here is a list of combo attacks below.
1. Kick Boxer- When facing an opponent of his size or smaller, he will rear back and kick at their face with his foot.
2. Lethal Soloist- He will smash his opponent in the head with his before smacking them in the side with his tail.

Name: Rogue
Gender: Male
Species: Bistahieversor Sealeyi
Diet: Meat, Carnivorous
Appearance: This predatory dinosaur wasn't actually mean't to be recreated. Weyland's scientists had gotten some samples of what they thought was Appalachiosaurus, but once genetically created, they were given a hatchling Bistahieversor. Once he was three years old, he was able to escape his holding pen and mauled a guard to death before being subdued. Before he could be put down, Charles Weyland came in and stopped this saying "I want it alive, I like this one". Eventually, this dinosaur grew up to be the largest theropod on the island and also gained a ferocious reputation as being evil in nature. This is the most aggressive tyrannosaurid species known; no other tyrannosaurid boasts the same aggression levels. His skin is thicker than many theropods, able to resist attacks from other dinosaurs with powerful jaws...why it has such thick skin isn't known, possibly to give it protection from prey and predators alike. For some reason, his temper is calmer towards Weyland.
Experience: Aggressive and smart, he has the traits to make himself the top predator on the island, along with others of his species.
Size: 31 feet long, 10 feet tall, and weighs 3,000 pounds.
Speed: Medium
Bite force: More powerful than tyrannosaurs of his size and smaller, but not as powerful as Tarbosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Weapons: Jaws, head, and bulk.
Basic attacks: Charge and bite.
Combo attacks: Here is a list of combo attacks below.
1. "One Ton Tank"- This theropod's skin is robust and can withstand lesser theropod jaws and teeth and can protect him from some horned dinosaurs, only the strongest bite forces and sharpest horns do damage.
2. "The Jaws of all Trades"- A swift yet strong attack, he will attack the opponent's neck area and apply a great amount of force.
3. Destroyer- A devastating attack; when enraged and angered, Rogue will roar and stomp wildly before unleashing a barrage of biting attacks and finally rams into his opponent, causing them to be sent backward and fall to the ground. (This is a knockout to injured opponents only)
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John Hammond


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Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: Charles Weyland's Dinosaurs   Sat Mar 09, 2013 10:35 pm

New Dinosaur Added: Ravager
Name: Ravager
Gender: Male
Species: Dilophosaurus Sinensis
Diet: Meat, Carnivorous
Appearance: This animal is a rarer subspecies of Dilophosaurus Wetherilli, but is about the same size as its relative. The only known population to exist on earth is at the "Rebirth" facility. The standout of the population is the biggest of their species; Ravager. He is large for his age, but what makes him unique is his sly yet ferocious personality...however, this may be due to the fact that this subspecies has a venomous bite. Like Gila Monsters, they have venom glands in their upper jaw and the venom drips from their upper teeth.
Experience: An adaptable predator, he is a skilled hunter.
Size: 18 feet long, 4 feet tall, and weighs 800 pounds.
Speed: Slightly above medium.
Bite force: Not strong necessarily.
Weapons: Jaws, venom, and fore-claws.
Basic attacks: Bite, slash, and kick.
Combo attacks: Here is a list of combo attacks below.
1. Venom Blast- He will accumulate venom in his jaws and mix it with saliva before "spitting" it at enemies. (This attack takes time and he can't bite with his jaws)
2. Jerking Bite- He will bite an opponent's limbs before jerking back, causing pain and envenomation.
3. Lunge, Topple, and Grip- A lethal move, he will bend back before lunging with feet and claws at his opponent, pinning them and then biting the neck. (Envenomation will take place and weaken the opponent, getting attacked like this again will be a knockout) (Only works on opponents larger than 10 feet)
4. "Spit and Run"- If taking a lot of damage, he will spit nonvenomous saliva at an opponent that blinds them momentarily before he runs off to recover.
5. "Dinosaur Ops"- Ravager will run and find a high vantage point to observe or attack an opponent.
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Charles Weyland's Dinosaurs
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