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 Alcatraz's Lethal Theropods

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John Hammond


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PostSubject: Alcatraz's Lethal Theropods   Sat Mar 02, 2013 7:05 pm

Name: Corpser
Gender: Male
Species: Austroraptor Cabazai
Diet: Meat, Carnivorous
Appearance: This dinosaur is Alcatraz's stealth hunter, able to hunt down both dinosaurs and humans with precise efficacy. Lightweight and fast yet strong and large, this dinosaur combines raptor intelligence with average power. He sports red, brown, and tan coloration.
Experience: An expert hunter, he is dangerous when his location isn't known.
Size: 17 feet long, 7 feet tall, and weighs 500 pounds.
Speed: Very fast and swift.
Bite force: Not so strong.
Weapons: Jaws, agility, and claws.
Basic attacks: Kick, snap, run, and lunge.
Combo attacks: Here is a list of combo attacks below.
1. Thieving Kick- He will run along side an opponent below lashing at them with his toe claws.
2. "Out of Sight"- If significant damage is taken, he can quickly retreat out of a battle and take time to catch a break.

Name: Brumak
Gender: Male
Species: Shaochilong Maortuensis
Diet: Meat, Carnivorous
Appearance: This theropod predator is a powerful and surprisingly fast killer...a reason that makes him a personal favorite to Alcatraz. Osteoderms and quills line his body and his coloration is dull green with brown patches. He has been trained to take commands from Alcatraz only and serves as a great infantry killer, as well as a dinosaur fighter.
Experience: Well experienced and deadly to humans or dinosaurs.
Size: 20 feet long, 6 feet tall, and weighs 1,100 pounds.
Speed: Surprisingly fast due to his lightweight skeletal design.
Bite force: Average.
Weapons: Jaws and fore claws.
Basic attacks: Bite, lunge, slash, and head parry.
Combo attacks: Here is a list of combo attacks below.
1. "Bite Proof"- Carnivores usually attack the head of an animal, but Brumak's head is studded with sharp osteoderms and will cause pain to an opponent if bitten.
2. "Scaly Soldier"- Like his master, he will lash out at an opponent's face and chest with his hand claws.
3. Toothy Saw- When he bites an opponent, his serrated teeth will cause gash wounds and bleeding, which will slow down an opponent.
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Alcatraz's Lethal Theropods
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