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 Lord Genome (the Spiral King)

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PostSubject: Lord Genome (the Spiral King)   Mon Mar 04, 2013 11:54 pm

Name: Lord Genome (the Spiral King)
Gender: male
Age: unknown
Zodiac: unknown
Height: 7 ft
Nationality: American
Appearance: Lord Genome is a large, bearded and muscle-bound man towering at over seven feet tall. His bearish figure is further emphasized by robust patches of hair, which take the shape of a spiral galaxy on his chest, he is bald on top. Lord Genome's normal garb appears to be Arabian in origin.
Personality: Lord Genome is a seemingly cruel and ruthless tyrant who employs legions of dinosaurs to systemically eradicate all human-kind on the planet surface to make room to all that is Saurian. Commanding his "armies" from gigantic funnel-shaped castle overlooking a city called Teppelin City. He also doesn't like anyone who gets in his way of his plans of world domination. He may seek out other villans aid to his plans & hopes to accomplishing his goals. Overall, he is a very hated villan to the former "Team Dai-Gurren."
Strengths: very strong, noble, being very commandive
Weaknesses: angers eailly, failure to himself
Profession: the supreme lord of Teppelin City
Hobbies: brutal dinosaur fights
JFC Experience: 8 years
Biography: In the distant past, Lord Genome was part of a previous human civilization that lived in Teppelin City, and it is implied that he was mostly a loner, his only company being a small group of animals that he took care of, one of which was dinosaurs. In his time, Lordgenome was known as a renaissance man, famous not only as a powerful warrior but a brilliant scientist who made many breakthroughs in the field of genetic engineering through his experiments with cloning technology. His perfection of this process would allow for many miracles, such as his own army of dinosaurs in wich he calls, "the 4 Saurian Generals." After the creation of "the 4 Saurian Generals," Lord Genome decided to adopt a daughter, to help him accomplish his goals, wich was named Nia Teppelin. However, Nia didn't want any part of it as she was a kind sweet hearted soul, so Lord Genome "abbandoned" her, sending her away & to never see her again. Thinking she was a disgrace to the name of Lord Genome. Since then, Genome has made 1 major set of enemies called "Team Dai Gurren." wWich whos 2 main leaders were Kamina Jiha & Yoko Ritona. After a few years of the rivarlly, he was beaten & "Team Dai Gurren" was disbanded. Now, Lord Genome is back & he's ready for vengance upon all who apose & deny him!
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Lord Genome (the Spiral King)
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