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 Morrigan's dinosaur

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PostSubject: Morrigan's dinosaur   Wed Mar 20, 2013 3:21 am

Name: Felicia
Gender: female
Species: Dilophosaurus wetherilli
Diet: carnivore
Appearance: Felicia is an INGEN brreed Dilophosaurus. She is genetically altered to have a frill like a Frilled Lizard & spits venom like a Spitting Cobra. She is mostly black.
Experience: 10 years
Size: 9 ft tall, 25 ft long, 1500 lbs
Speed: fast
Bite force: not so strong
Weapons: haws, claws, venom
Basic attacks: bite, slash, tail whip
Combo attacks: 1. "Fear me!"- Taunt, uses her frill as a display of terror & fright. Iniminates an opponent.
2. Slash attack- Leaps on bigger opponents & slashes them repeatinglly.
3."the Spitting Cobra"- while attacking, she spits venom in the eyes of the opponent, blinding it. Needs an antivenom to remove, or washing the face with water.
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Morrigan's dinosaur
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