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 "The Hell Spawns": The Dinosaurs of Johnny Blaze

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PostSubject: "The Hell Spawns": The Dinosaurs of Johnny Blaze   Thu Mar 21, 2013 4:55 pm

Name: Scorcher
Gender: Male
Species: Utahraptor ostrommaysorum
Diet: Carnivore
Appearance: A large, muscular & aggressive male Utahraptor, Scorcher is Blaze's fastest & most mobile dinosaur. This speed, combined with intelligence & unmatched hunting capabilities, make this dinosaur a formidable & deadly foe upon the field of battle. The perfect ambush hunter, Scorcher is a dinosaur who always hits his mark & his target. Very often he will aim for the opponents weak points & end the battle swiftly as soon as it began. Over the years, Blaze has discovered that Scorcher can become an even deadlier forced when fighitng alongside Blackheart. The two dinosaurs make a deadly duo & combonation, as Scorcher provided the speed of the two. Unlike most raptors, he was born without feathers & instead has a series of tall spines on the top of his neck. He is colored with a fiery & fiendish red with black stripes & a grey underbelly.
Experience: 2 years, 7 months
Size: 7.2 meters long, 2.4 meters tall, 2100 lbs
Speed: Very fast
Bite force: Medium
Weapons: Jaws, clawed hands, sickle claws
Basic attacks: Bite, lunge, pounce
Combo attacks:
- "Scorcher's assault": Uses his agility to attack in many different directions, using both teeth, hands & sickle claws & leaves opponent exhausted from several wounds, making them tired & weak from blood loss.
- "Predator's eye": Pin points the enemies most vulnerable area & attacks. Performs a hit & run scenario depending on the size of target
- "Kick & Shred": Kicks opponent with his hind leg & follows with a nasty slash of his sickle claw
- "Ambush from Hell": Hides completely in the shadows where no opponent can see him! Gives a series of spine chilling hisses & growls to intimidate & draw opponent near. When opponent is close, he seals the deal & attacks to attempt & finish off the opponent with several sudden bites & slashes
- "Hell's Kitchen"- Jumps upon the side or the back of opponent, latching on with hands & teeth & slashes opponent with his sickle claws, slicing them with devastating blows.
- "Hellish frenzy": Gives a loud, shrieking roar & becomes more unpredictable & violent, increasing attack rate & speed
- "Hell's Penance": Makes a tremendous leap & pounces straight into the opponent with great force to topple them (knocks down dinosaurs smaller then 30 ft). He will then bite down with full force against the enemies neck and/or head & shake violently until the enemy is beat! If the opponent cannot get free......It is an clean knock out
Name: Blackheart
Gender: Male
Species: Carnotaurus sastrei
Diet: Carnivore
Appearance: Blackheart is an extremely powerful & robust Carnotaurus. An aggressive & fowl tempered bull, Blackheart, like his name sake, is a true, monstrous brawler! He is mercilous & extremely violent when in battle & is easily rioled & angered. With a robust body & powerful muscles, Blackheart is as powerful as any Carnotaurus can get & is undoubtadly one of the most powerful Carnotaur's known. His violent nature gives him an intimidating edge in battle & against his foes. With Scorcher, he is even deadlier, as the two dinosaurs are known to make a deadly & efficient combonation. Wheres Scorcher provides in speed, Blackheart makes up for raw power! He is primarily colored in a exotic black & red coloration with bright, yellow eyes & spikes running across he body
Experience: 3 years 4 months
Size: 9.3 meters long, 3.2 meters tall, 1.5 tons
Speed: Fast
Bite force: Medium/Powerful (has been known to crush bone!)
Weapons: Horns, jaws
Basic attacks: Charge, bite, tail smash, kick
Combo attacks:
- "Hell Spawn": When angered, he will create a terrifying display of power & unleash a powerful roar to intimidate! This also increase his viciousness & thus make his attacks stronger & more violent!
- "The Bull from Hell": A powerful & lethal attack, he will lower his head to make a full on charge to the enemy, stabbing them with his horns & knock them to the ground & is often a knockout move. The stabs will need surgery & stitching to heal (knocks over any opponent under 30 feet long)
- "Fiendish Maul": Will bite down upon the enemy & throw them to the ground where he will then proceed to jab the enemy with his horns repeatedly & bite the enemies weak points. This may also work on pinned enemies & can be used to knock out the enemy
- "Seismic Toss": For small/medium sized enemies, he will bite down against his opponent with powerful force & shake violently while spinning them around. Finishing with a lethal slam to the ground & throws them like a rag doll!
Name: Mephisto
Gender: Male
Species: Saurophaganax maximus
Diet: Carnivore
Appearance: Blazes largest & most experienced dinosaur of his fiendish roster, Mephisto is named after one of the many names given to the devil and to Satan. Mephisto is a monstrous Saurophaganax & a nightmarish creature to behold. He is mercilous & unforgiving in battle & has even taken down enemies such as a Tyrannosaurus Rex. For his species, he is surprisingly very powerful and has a high level of endurance. Those who are unfortunate enough to face this menacing titan are very unlikely to rise victorious. His violent & relentless nature give Mephisto the edge in many fights & have ultimately made this mega-carnivore one of the iconic stars of the JFC community. This large male is mostly colored with a fiendish, blood red with a dark red underbelly. He has a series of dark red stripes & spines over his back as well. A strange & distinctive feature of Mephisto is that the claws on his left hand are colored in pure black. Wheres the rest of his claws are not. No one is certain as to why this is. Not eve Blaze knows.
Experience: 4 years
Size: 13.3 meters long, 4 meters tall, 4 tons
Speed: Medium
Bite force: Medium/Powerful (has been known to be in the ranks between the two)
Weapons: Jaws, claws, tail
Basic attacks: Bite, slash, tail attack, ram
Combo attacks:
- "Penance Stare": First, he will size up the enemy. Then delivers a spine chilling growl & gives the enemy a menacing glare with his yellow eyes! This cause great intimidation
- "Wrath of Mephisto": Roars loudly & menacingly. Then charges at full speed to attack with bites & slashes & may even pounce on opponents. He will grip them with his claws & bite at their head & neck with deadly eficiancy. Can bring an instant knock out to animals smaller then himself.
- "The Grim Reaper's hand": A deadly combo attack, he will strike the enemy with a series of powerful slashes form his claws & then ending with a powerful swing two inflict a lethal slash to the enemies face & ma very well cause a knockout. Needs surgery & stiching to heal
- "Thy Name is Ruin!": A knock out & finishing blow, he will bite down upon the opponent with much strength & grip them with his powerful arms & claws, then he will make a violent twist of his head & neck & thus finishing the opponent & knocking them out instantly!
- "Eternal Punishment": One of Mephisto's most powerful attacks, he will charge the enemy & deliver an extremely powerful, axe-hacking bite to inflict maximum damage! Weakens the enemy severaly from blood loss & needs serious surgery to heal, but the enemy is left with a massive scar on their body where the bite was made, a scar that they will bare for a very long time.
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"The Hell Spawns": The Dinosaurs of Johnny Blaze
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