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 Angus McLaughlin's Dinosaur

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John Hammond


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PostSubject: Angus McLaughlin's Dinosaur   Sat Apr 13, 2013 6:23 pm

Name: Copperhead
Gender: Male
Species: Dandakosaurus Indicus
Diet: Meat, Carnivorous
Appearance: Copperhead was given to Angus by the dreaded Killer Croc after Croc won Copperhead in a dinosaur duel; Copperhead was just a youngster at the time. Angus and Copperhead have trained hard over the years, now Copperhead is a large and powerful predator, but remains loyal to Angus.
Experience: Years of training and hunting.
Size: 27 feet long, 9 feet tall, and weighs 8,000 pounds.
Speed: Above average speed for a theropod of his size.
Bite force: Average jaw power.
Weapons: Jaws, claws, and thick nasal horn.
Basic attacks: Bite, claw slash, and charge.
Combo attacks: Here is a list of combo attacks below.
1. Puncturing Charge- Copperhead will charge an opponent and ram them in their side, goring them with his thick nasal horn.
2. "Toothy Saw"- His bite is deadly to soft skinned opponents and will cause bleeding wounds with each attack.
3. Power Charge- A very dangerous move, Copperhead will retreat from battle before charging straight at his opponent and collides with them. (This move is a knockout if Copperhead collides with the head; hitting the chest or sides of the belly will cause the opponent to lose stamina from their breath being knocked out of them)
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Angus McLaughlin's Dinosaur
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