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 Valeria's Dinosaurs

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PostSubject: Valeria's Dinosaurs   Fri Nov 30, 2012 8:34 pm

Name: Bronto
Gender: Male
Species: Apatosaurus louisae
Diet: Herbivore
Appearance: Bronto is one of the largest dinosaurs to be raised in the Madeline Dinosaur Reserve. A large male at his prime, Bronto is mostly colored with a diversity of browns & greens throughout his enormous body. With a assortment of white speckles around his back. He is equipped with an enormously long tail & large thumb spikes on his front feet which are all used for defense. His size alone is more then capable of detouring virtually any attacker as any dinosaur foolish enough to face the massive animal head on is more likely to be crushed!
Experience: 2 years
Size: 80ft long, 20ft tall, 30 tons
Speed: Very slow
Bite force: None
Weapons: Long whip like tail, thumb claws, size
Basic attacks: Whip lash, stomp, ram
Combo attacks:
- "Jurassic Devastator": Charges at full speed towards enemy & tramples or rams opponent. Capable of knocking over any opponent smaller then himself
- "Mega ton Whip": Delivers a powerful blow with his tail, striking the head, body, flanks, & any other visible target. Capable of disorientation & can knock opponents over if attacked by their feet
- "Final Smash": Bronto's most powerful attack, rises up on hind legs & come smashing down with full force & weight. INSTANT knock out to any animal smaller then himself, including giant predators.

Name: Aladar
Gender: Male
Species: Iguanodon bernissartensis
Diet: Herbivore
Appearance: A male Iguanodon, Aladar was named by Valeria after one of her favorite Disney movie characters. He is mostly colored with an arrangement of bright green & orange throughout most of his body. He is equipped with two enormous thumb spikes that measure over a foot long that are used to detour predators.
Experience: 2years
Size: 35ft long, 12ft tall, 3 tons
Speed: Medium
Bite force None
Weapons: Tail, ram, thumb spike
Basic attacks: Tail smash, ram, spike attack
Combo attacks:
- "Spike Barrage": Strikes with thumb claws repeatedly in vital areas such as head, neck, exc.
- "Tail smash": Delivers a powerful tail smash. Leaves opponent heavily disorientated.
- "Thunderous Slam": Rises on hind legs & delivers a few thumb claw attacks and/or comes smashing back down on opponent with full force. Can cause an instant KO to smaller dinosaurs

Name: Lucy
Gender: Female
Species: Therizinosaurus cheloniformis
Diet: Herbivore
Appearance: Lucy is a marvelous specimen. One of the rarest dinosaur preserved in the Madeline Dinosaur reserve. Being a large female at her prime, she is colored with a wide variety of colors. Her neck & the upper portion of her body is patterned with an array of black stripes. Much like a zebra. Her entire body is covered with a long, tough coat of primitive feathers. Colored with brown & blackish brown. While her head, hands & feet remain bald & featherless. She is equipped with some of the largest claws in all of the animal kingdom. Which she uses to defend herself.
Experience: 1 year
Size: 18ft tall, 33ft long, 5 tons
Speed: Slow
Bite force: Nonce
Weapons: Scythe like claws
Basic attacks: Slash
Combo attacks:
- "Back Slice": Slashes opponent with a back handing slice
- "Guillotine": Performs an upward & downward slash, causing extra damage
- "Fear factor": A taunt & buff, creates the illusion of being bigger then she really is & threatens with her claws. Causes intimidation.
- "Devastating Scythe": Lucy's strongest attack. Performs a powerful thrash of her arm & causes extreme damage with her claws. Attacks at the face, flanks, exc. GREATLY cripples opponent & can almost cause an instant KO to smaller dinosaurs

Name: Edge
Gender: Male
Species: Gastonia burgei
Diet: Herbivore
Appearance: Edge is colored with a rather astonishing array of different colors. Primarily for his species. His upper body & armor is patterned with green's and purples. While his lower body is comprised with a tint of purple with a tan underbelly. Edge, being an Ankylosaurid, is equipped with menacing spikes & armor that cover his entire upper body. Even for an animal his size, he is more then capable of detouring even the hungriest predators.
Experience: 2 years
Size: 6ft tall, 20ft long, 1 ton
Speed: Slow
Bite force: None
Weapons: Spiked body, spiked tail
Basic attacks: Tail lash, body ram
Combo attacks:
- "Crippling Thrash": Thrashes opponent with spiked tail. Spikes cause a scissor like motion to cut opponent & majorly cripples when he strikes the legs
- "Bunker": An act of defense- squats down on the ground to protect his underbelly & exposing his spiked upper body. Increases his defense
- "Spike Charge": Charges forward at full speed, spikes cause extra damage

Name: Sheela
Gender: Female
Species: Pachycephalosaurus wyomingensis
Diet: Omnivore (may eat plants, but she is known to eat insects)
Appearance: Sheela is an adult Pachy. Characterized so because of her large dome shaped head. Her species is known to have a series of growth cycles. Starting out with a flat head (Dracorex) & then eventually deveolping the head dome (Stygimoloch) and finally, after losing some of the spikes, her head dome becomes fully grown. Sheela is a unique Pachycephalosaurus due to her bizarre but fascinating coloration. Her domed skull is colored with a solid yellow while the rest of her head remains with a variety of different tones of red. The rest of her thick scaled & hided body is colored with a variety of blues & a tint of red. But while she is fascinating to the eye, beware, she is a fiery tempered individual!
Experience: 2 years
Size: 8ft tall, 20ft long, 2 tons
Speed: Fast
Bite force: None
Weapons: Dome skull, tail
Basic attacks: Ram, kick, tail smash
Combo attacks:
-"Relentless Charge": Smashes her charging head into the opponent, knocks over smaller dinosaurs & possibly causes breaking bones
- "Battering Ram": Repeatedly headbutts opponent & swings her head around to defend against bites & to cause extra damage
- "Kangaroo strike": rises & balances herself on her tail & delivers a powerful crippling kick to opponent. Causes serious disorientation.

Name: Patches
Gender: Male
Species: Troodon formosus
Diet: Omivore
Appearance: Valeria's favorite little dinosaur, Patches is primarily her pet dinosaur. The little guy does not fight much because of his size. He was Valeria's very first dinosaur. Being a Troodon, he is definitely a brainy little dinosaur, being as smart as today's birds. Patche's color scheme consist with mostly black feathers with a slight white belly. The ends of his tail are colored with a bright & pure orange.
Experience: 1 year
Size: 4ft tall, 8ft long, 110 lbs
Speed: Very fast
Bite force: Weak
Weapons: Sickle claw, hand claws, sharp teeth
Basic attacks: Bite, slash
Combo attacks:(at least 1)
- "Predator's eye": Locks onto enemies most vulnerable area & attacks for crippling damage.
- "Wounding Tooth": Bites the opponent several times after latching on
- "Onslaught": Attacks enemy from all sides with bites & slashes.
- "Wiley fellow": Will stand his ground & take time to study the opponent's strength's & weaknesses. Patches will even outsmart his opponents in some cases.
- "Hit & run": Attacks opponent & then darts to a safe distance to avoid damage & repeats
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Valeria's Dinosaurs
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