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 Pavi's dinosaurs

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PostSubject: Pavi's dinosaurs   Sat Dec 01, 2012 7:34 pm

Name: Mikey
Gender: male
Species: Microraptor zhaoianus
Diet: omnivore, mostlly incests
Appearance: Mikey is a small dinosaur. He is mostlly blue feathered, almost like a blue macaw. He is feathered on 4 limbs like his species hs.
Experience: 2 months
Size: 3 ft long, 2 ft high, & 3 lbs
Speed: fast
Bite force: very weak
Weapons: teeth & claws
Basic attacks: bite & slash
Combo attacks: 1. When Dinosaurs Fly- When fighting, Mikeyy will climb up the trees and regain lost strength. If spotted, he will glide to another tree and blend in.
2. Annoying peck- Pecks opponen repeatinglly to annoy the crap out of them.
3. Divebomb- flies down really fast & hits opponent with his body. Knockout for any dinosaurs under 10 ft.

Name: Toro
Gender: male
Species: Torosaurus latus
Diet: herbivore
Appearance: Toro is a tan colored Torosaurus. He has 2 eye spots on his frill. His frill changes color when fighting.
Experience: 5 years
Size: 30 ft long, 12 ft high, 9 tons
Speed: medium
Bite force: N/A
Weapons: bulk, horns & frill
Basic attacks: frill ram, horn thrust
Combo attacks: 1. El Toro- Charges at opponent and rams him, knocking him down
2. Frill thrash- Hits an attacking opponent multiple times in the head with frill
3. Crippler- Thrusts horn into opponent's leg, making it more difficult for it to move
4. Ceratopsian rage taunt - He digs the ground with his front feet and lets out a series of grunts and roars that intimidate opponents and tempt them into an attack.
5. The frill of a different color taunt- Shakes his head & flushes blood into his frill, creating a frightening display to either scare or intiminadt an opponent.
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Pavi's dinosaurs
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