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 Angela's dinosaurs

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PostSubject: Angela's dinosaurs   Tue Dec 25, 2012 9:17 pm

Name: Matilda
Gender: female
Species: Tyrannosaurus rex
Diet: carnivore
Appearance: Matilda is a 1 month old baby T-rex. she is mostly brown, cause se is from INGEN' Isla Sorna. She can be cute & cudlly at times.
Experience: None, she is a baby & needs lots of training
Size: 6 ft long, 4 ft high, 40 lbs
Speed: fast
Bite force: medium
Weapons: tiny jaws
Basic attacks: Dino in training
Combo attacks: Dino in training

Name: Pod
Gender: male
Species: Pyroraptor olympyus
Diet: carnivore
Appearance: Pod is a young adult male Pyroraptor. He has red feathers. He is also smart too.
Experience: 3 years
Size: 8 ft long, 5 ft high, 200 lbs
Speed: very fast
Bite force: weak
Weapons: claws, jaws, & sickle claw on toes
Basic attacks: bite & slash
Combo attacks: 1. Pounce- Leaps onto a larger opponent and attacks him repeatedly with arms and feet
2. Tooth slash- Leaps onto opponent's head a bites him 5 times, slashing his face by pulling back from every bite
3. Kung-fu kick- leaps at opponent and slashes his head with arms, then stabs him in the face with a foot claw, forcing himself backwards
4. Screech- Taunt - he will spread his arms and display his feathers, then let out a loud, deafening screech.
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Angela's dinosaurs
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